Everyone has access

Cure Dental believes everyone deserves radical access to excellent dental care. We’re open Saturdays and weeknights until 7. Our easy online scheduling program is updated in real time. And to make care affordable for all, we accept most insurance programs.

People matter most

Compassion drives us. Cape Girardeau dentist cares about your smile, but we care more about you as a person. For every member of our team, relationships matter. And we’re here to serve rather than be served.

Relentless hospitality

Enjoy relentless hospitality with ceiling mounted TVs during treatment, Netflix, flavored tooth polish, weighted blankets, all natural mouth rinse, and more. Our Cape Girardeau dental team want you to love it here.

Innovation and excellence

Rather than settle for conventional solutions, your dentist in Cape Girardeau is always learning new approaches, new technology, new treatments, and seeking new perspectives on delivering exceptional dental care for those we have the privilege to serve.

Urgent dental care

Cure Dental offers immediate availability and flexible hours for dental emergencies and urgent situations that might otherwise require a trip to the hospital.

Serving the underserved

We’re invested in making a difference in our community. That’s why for every new patient we serve, we donate a Power Pack to the Jackson district’s Heroes 4 Hope program – which delivers food to children who need additional nutrition through the weekend.